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Field Service

We can provide downtime reduction through over the telephone troubleshooting and fast response for on site repairs.

We also provide power quality studies should you be experiencing excessive drive or related equipment failures. The results of our THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and power factor testing to 519 specifications will help us size and supply TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression) or Isolation Transformers to solve these problems.

  • Extensive spares available to bring to the site
  • Telephone troubleshooting.
  • Knowledgeable field service personnel.
  • 24 Hour emergency telephone service. (412) 487-7310

Controls Service and Repair provides motion control electronics and motors, industrial electronics, repairs and training to industry and businessTraining reduces your overall maintenance costs by providing your workers with, not only product knowledge to solve problems themselves, but also puts maintenance personnel in a position to be more effective when troubleshooting over the telephone with our engineers.

  • On site classes can be arranged at your plant at your convenience.
  • Extensive manuals, related to your equipment provided with each course.
  • Classes available on all DC SCR drives manufactured by CSR-Powertron-Contraves, etc..


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